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Z4 3.0i M54

  • M54B30 Twin Screw Stage 2 (TS2)

    M54B30 Twin Screw Stage 2 (TS2)

    The ESS M54B30 TS2 series system is equipped with a Lysholm style Twin Screw supercharger which has several advantages over the centrifugal compressors used in earlier ESS M52TU/M54 systems. It creates a higher boost-pressure at lower engine rpm, thus...

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  • MS45 M54B30 ECU Tuning Software

    ESS Normal Aspiration optimized ECU software is a result of 100's of dyno runs and exact calibration of all parameters to allow maximum performance gains with improved driveability/fuel consumption and stock engine longevity. RPM limit is increased to...

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