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  • S85 VT2-675 Supercharger System (Gen.2)

    S85 VT2-675 Supercharger System (Gen.2)

    Featuring the self contained Vortech V3 supercharger unit in Si trim which is capable of up to 775hp.The S85 VT2-675 Gen.2 intercooled supercharger system comes with an especially developed cast aluminium manifold assembly with a integrated liquid to air...

  • E60 M5/M6 Underdrive pulley

    E60 M5/M6 Underdrive pulley

    Our specially designed and engineered S85 underdrive pulley kit is a great addition to the M5/M6.  This is done by improving power through reducing parasitic drag on the engine from slowing the speed of the alternator, water pump and AC compressor...

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  • S85 SMG Transmission Software

    S85 SMG Transmission Software

    Optimized SMG transmission software. Increases shift firmness in S4/5/6 and increases launch control RPM to 4100RPM on US spec M5/M6's.When you order this product, you will receive our USB to OBD programming interface. A laptop that is Windows compatible...

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  • ESS E-Flash S85 ECU Tuning Software Stock car, 91AKI. 104 software.

    ESS E-Flash S85 ECU Tuning Software

    ESS E-Flash MSS65 ECU software is a result of extensive testing and exact calibration of ECU parameters to allow increased performance on either a stock car or in combination with other modifications. The ESS MSS65 S85 software is developed and tested in...

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